Tis the season of Goodwill

The clerk's elbow

There is a blog doing the rounds written by @theprimaryhead and it’s is really funny but fails to mention, even in passing, us poor school Governors which is not at all funny so here at the clerkselbowsite, although currently wearing its Chairs Hat, we thought we’d respond in kind.

To whom it may concern;

Someone once told me that my school is run on goodwill as though this was something I didn’t know. All schools run on good will these days my friend just ask any Governor. Now, it is a well-known fact locally that I can’t do my sums but, bear with me here as I remember doing this kind of thing at primary school; if there are 300,000 Governors in the country and each one donates 1 hour a week to governance that’s 300,000 hours a week (even I can manage that sum).If there are 39 weeks in…

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